R.A.B.: Interviews

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Of the 56 randomly selected potential interviewees that were contacted, 22 individuals were interviewed in December 2001 and January 2002

Breakdown of interviewees

Highland Park city officials = 3

Highwood city officials = 3

Lake Forest city officials = 3

Town of Fort Sheridan Development residents = 9

RAB members =4

Time Frame for Cleanup Process:

• People expressed concern about the amount of time that has elapsed between site investigation and cleanup activities in the I 980s and I 990s and the cleanup of the landfills and DOD OU.

• Residents want the U.S. Army and Navy to quickly proceed with plans to clean up the DOD OU and cap the landfills.

Land Reuse:

• All expressed that the property is valuable and should be developed for some sort of public use. Many were interested in redeveloping the properties for recreational uses such as tennis courts, baseball and soccer fields, open parks, or parking areas.

Beach Access:

• Several residents expressed confusion about beach access to Lake Michigan and who is responsible for the access areas. Access roads to beaches in the northern and southern portion of the Site have been closed, and residents have not been given explanations for the closure. Some specifically purchased homes in the new Town of Fort Sheridan Development to have access to the beach for recreational purposes.

• The beaches are not cleaned on a regular basis; most believe the U.S. Army and Navy have shirked their responsibility to care for property that is legally theirs.

• One resident expressed concern about the potential for unexploded ordnance in shallow water near the beach.

Technology of Landfill Cap for Landfills 6 and 7:

• Although most residents believed the clay cap is the best solution for the contaminated landfills, many asked if the technology was “fool-proof’ and if leachate would seep through the geomembrane to the soil and groundwater.

Traffic Issues During DOD OU Cleanup:

• City officials voiced concern over the potential increase in truck traffic and traffic congestion on Sheridan Road when cleanup activities begin in the spring of 2002.

• City officials want the U.S. Army and Navy to develop a traffic plan with input from the surrounding communities before the cleanup activities begin.

Communication Efforts:

• Residents and local officials said they would welcome a renewed effort to communicate with the community.

• Some stated that, currently, there is no meaningful dialogue between the U.S. Army and Navy and the community. (This may be an area of opportunity for RAB members to reestablish relationships with their constituents)

• In addition to public meetings and availability sessions, many residents also stated they would like to see a more regular distribution of fact sheets, newsletters, or other updates to the community.

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