MHA Board Elections
The Town of Fort Sheridan needs you! It's nearly time to elect new directors to our Association Board. Of the seven Board members, four were elected to a two-year term; the other three were elected to a one-year term (ending July 2002). Therefore, three Board of Director seats are up for election. Candidates will be running for a two-year term (August 2002 through July 2004). The current Board and their term endings are as follows:

Ralph Pfaff President July 2003
Rick Collins Vice President July 2002
Jim Fitzgerald Secretary July 2003
Bob Mintz Treasurer July 2003
Jim Drake Director July 2002
Bob Goldstein Director July 2002
Krista Hanson Director July 2003

You will be receiving a packet of information in the mail with a Candidate Form, a Nomination Form, and a Proxy ballot. Consider running - we need you!

The election will be held at 7:30 p.m. (check in starts at 7:00) on Tuesday, July 30 at the Hotel Moraine. Questions, call Marcia Jordan (847) 681-7437.

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